It’s Raining Again

I love the summer holidays and spending time with my kids. But when the weather doesn’t cooperate it can be challenging – and by challenging I mean soul-destroying and headache-inducing. We’re all cooped up in the house while the kids argue over what to watch on TV, what video games to play, that they don’t feel like reading, all the while repeatedly complaining they’re bored.

In an effort to bypass the tantrums I organized a little project with my seven-year-old daughter. I wrote a poem and together we created a diorama about it. (Or a diarrhea, as my son calls it.) I must point out I’m no artist, but with a little imagination and a lot of glue we managed to create something fun and colourful.

The poem is about a fox and a crow, which is a simple subject that was inspired by many things.

Foxes are my daughter’s current favourite animal. She loves drawing them and I’m happy to encourage her to do more of that.

The crow is a bird that has always fascinated me. They’re quite clever. In fact, we’re discovering they’re either smarter than we initially thought or are getting smarter.

What? Other animals might be evolving? Excellent science fiction material right there. Forget about the apes; it’s the crows that will be our overlords in the distant future.

The other day I caught a couple of crows on my mom’s roof pecking at the side of her kitchen skylight. I couldn’t figure out what they were doing until one of them dropped a screw on to the skylight’s glass. They were systematically dismantling my mom’s skylight to get at the shiny screws.

We’re doomed!

Talking about crows has got me a little off topic. The poem isn’t about a horrible dystopian future. I’ll save that idea for another day. This one is meant to be fun. Have a read of it yourself.

The Fox and the Crow

Best mates forever -
 The fox and the crow.
 A mischievous pair.
 Wherever they go.

Coming out to play
 They're happy to show
 Their frolicking shapes
 In the sunlight's glow.

Crow swoops in the air -
 Swirling and whirling.
 Fox jumps in the breeze -
 Curling and twirling.

Sometimes they're seen
 As clear as the sky.
 But go with the wind
 Not a single goodbye.

Always together
 So free and so proud.
 An eternal dance
 Among the white clouds.

When you feel down
 Look up nice and high.
 Remember those friends
 Romping in the sky.

This mischievous pair.
 Wherever they go.
 Best mates forever -
 The fox and the crow.

Do you remember as a child looking up at the clouds and imagining them as different shapes? Maybe a witch, an elephant, a giant hand. I still do that sometimes and I know I’m not the only one.

Then I thought how wonderful it would be if two clouds followed each other around the world because they were the best of friends. One cloud in the shape of a fox and another in the shape of a crow. They would come and go with the wind and the weather but were always together in this great eternal dance in the sky.

That’s what this poem is about. I hope you enjoyed it.