Writing Club

School Writing Club

To share my love of writing and encourage the students at Scout Road Academy in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, UK to be creative I started up a lunchtime writing club. I was impressed with their original ideas and they were an inspiration to me. Their poems, stories, comics and illustrations were displayed in one of the school’s hallways for all to see.

Some of the kids who preferred to draw enjoyed illustrating one of my poems entitled Animal Mix-Ups. We had fun creating some of the strange creature combinations. Illustrations are an excellent tool when telling a story, so I was happy for the children to explore that area. Pictures often go hand-in-hand with the words in literature, particularly in children’s literature. Brian Selznick’s books The Invention of Hugo Cabret and Wonderstruck are excellent examples. Sometimes it’s more effective and easier to draw a picture than try to explain a story through words.

Animal Mix-Ups

Why is there a fierce snion lyin'
 on my bed?
 All curled up in his shell - the silly
 sleepy head.

Who would believe there's a dogmingo
 on my grass?
 Like a furry lawn knick-knack - pretty,
 but no class.

Do you know how to shoo a zebraffe
 off the street?
 He's wreaking havoc in traffic, though
 he is sweet.

What should I do with the sharkurtle
 in my pool?
 It's probably best we stay clear, dear -
 I'm no fool.

How can an elephunk bathe in my
 kitchen sink?
 Splish-splashing in the bubbles and yuck
 what a stink.

Should I leave the Hippopotamouse
 well alone?
 She looks mad and her fat bum has just
 squashed my phone.

If you meet one of these weird animals
 don't say "ewwww".
 They are odd, but imagine what they
 think of