Brave Book Project Little Readers

The Brave Book Project: Little Readers

I’m proud to say that one of my poems, Parsley, has been included in a collection of children’s stories and poems called The Brave Book Project: Little Readers.

While living in the UK and preparing to move back to Canada I regularly looked online for some of the events happening in Calgary. It was through Facebook that I met Joan Lee Tu and found out about The Brave Book Project. Joan is a remarkable woman; she single-handedly compiled this collection of children’s literature from a wide range of contributors of all ages. All proceeds from the book will go to Little Warriors ( – a national charitable organization based in Canada committed to the awareness, prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse.

Parsley was inspired by a cat that used to visit us regularly when we lived in England. My kids adored him. In the spring and summer I’d leave the front door open on warm days so the kids could come and go as they pleased. Parsley would wander in and make himself at home on one of our comfy chairs. He was old, scraggly and smelly and had a permanently angry-looking face but he was one of the gentlest, sweetest cats I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. And I’m not a cat person.

A copy of the book can be purchased using these links.