About Me

I’ve always loved to write. I imagine all writers say this. I used to write funny little stories when I was a child and created a strange land with creatures such as the weird and wonderful Mr. Blob, who wobbled like jelly and swallowed things up whole.

Inevitably, growing up changed me. I went to university, studied history, worked at a museum for a short while, then at various newspapers. My writing style changed. It became more factual and serious. It wasn’t until I had my children that I grew interested in writing fiction again, specifically children’s literature. Through the years many of these wonderful stories were lost to me but reading to my children rekindled my love for them.

I live in Southern Alberta, Canada with my husband, son and daughter. I grew up here and recently moved back to the area after living in England for more than 18 years. We lived in a gorgeous little town in the West Yorkshire Pennines. I moved to the United Kingdom as a young woman to travel, work and see the world. I moved back to Alberta middle-aged and with my family because I love it here.

For fun I bake, decorate cakes, play the banjo and tap dance – though not at the same time.