I Love Festivals


There are two children’s festivals coming up over the next few months. Luckily I have two young children to take with Expect me. I need to go. It’s cheap jerseys for research. And I do love a parade.

The Calgary International Children's Festival logo

The first is The Calgary International Children’s Festival on May 25 to 28, 2016. After a quick glance at the website it looks like there’s a lot Launch to take in.

Since I enjoy learning things while being entertained, which is why I love Horrible Histories, ???? the kids and I will have to check out Doktor Kaboom’s show Live Wire! The Electricity Show at the Arts Commons, Jack Singer Concert wholesale jerseys Hall on May 27 at 10am and 6.30pm or May 28 at 2pm.

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Okotoks Parade & Children's Festival logo

The second is the Parade & Children’s Festival in Okotoks on June 18, 2016. I have a feeling this festival will be a review much gentler affair, but there’s nothing Hako wrong with that.

My family and I lived in a small town in England for many years and I often experienced an uncontrollable feeling of pride when the community pulled together and got involved in the local festivals and galas. Women’s Institute cake stalls, Scout Group teddy tombolas, face painting: I love all that. Community spirit is a beautiful thing. We’ll definitely be there.

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www.okotoks.ca/discover-okotoks/things-do/community-events-calendar/spirit-okotoks-parade-day-childrens-festival#Children’s Festival