The Brave Book Project - Book launch

Book Launch

I had the pleasure of attending the book wholesale mlb jerseys launch for The Brave Book Project: Little Readers on April 6, 2016.

The book is filled with heartwarming and though-provoking stories, poems and illustrations by Feb contributors of cheap jerseys China all ages -writers, teachers, students, friends and strangers. All the stories are for children and have been published by the editor, Joan Lee Tu, to raise money for a charity.

Children’s sexual abuse is never an easy subject to discuss in but it is a sad and terrifying reality. Canadian charity Little Warriors ( cheap jerseys is committed to the awareness, prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse. Like all charities it needs financial support and recognition. Joan’s book project is an effort to do just that. For her, Styles because of personal experience, this project has been a labour of love. It was an honour to meet her and learn about her inspirations and motivations. She is a woman who wants to make the world a better place – one wholesale mlb jerseys book at a time.